Updated 23 jan 2021

Open Gardens 2021

With any luck, Open Gardens will be back bigger and better than ever on Sunday 20th June 2021. Everyone has had a lot more time on their hands over the last year to muck about in the garden and try out new ideas. We also hope that many more people will volunteer to ‘Open Up” and let their neighbours see what they’ve been doing this year. Open gardens don’t have to be immaculate or grand, in fact they are most interesting if they are of an average sort of size and a bit like everybody else’s gardens. Maybe with a splash more colour, a hint of the unexpected and a bit of a tidy up before hand as well. No one is going to judge your garden or criticise it, but old hands at open gardening are available to offer advice if you want it.

We would especially like to introduce some interesting small front gardens as features of the garden ‘trail’. Again, they don’t have to be big, but ideally they should incorporate an imaginative use of surfaces and plants and possibly a theme or colour that gives the garden a focus. They are even keeping garden centres open for you this time around! Front gardens can usually be enjoyed from the street, so you don’t necessarily have to be hanging around to talk to people about your garden, unless you want to. A further advantage of opening your front garden is that your back garden can remain private, so you don’t need to have strangers wandering around it. If you would like your garden to be included in the Open Gardens tour, please call or text Howard Fry on 07798 801670.

We like to provide a very brief description of every open garden in our tour guide, not only to tell people where it is and encourage people to visit, but also to let visitors know how suitable access will be to those with mobility issues. NENG’s insurance policy includes ‘third party’ cover for events such as open gardens, should a visitor trip on an uneven surface, provided that reasonable precautions have been taken by you to make your garden safe for visitors who are not familiar with it. The event also provides the opportunity for you to raise money for your favourite charity, by way of voluntary donations to a collection box. A lot of money was raised at our last Open Gardens

Looking at other people’s gardens is one of our favourite pastimes, no matter if they are grand National Trust properties, skilled National Gardens Scheme (NGS) examples of horticultural expertise or just friends and family. There is always something to admire, and while you may sometimes wonder why they have (or haven’t) done quite what you would have done, there is always the joy of colour, blossom and interesting ideas to take home.

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