Recycling Information and Tips for Kids

How do you know what can be recycled ? (thank you to the Nelson family for passing on this link !)

Waste Disposal & Recyling Facilities

Sheffield's waste disposal services are managed by Veolia Es Sheffield Ltd. If you want to know where to take certain materials or to find a more convenient place to take recyclables, try the Veolia Website or you can call:

Tel: 0114 273 4567
Address: Veolia Es Sheffield Ltd, Bernard Road Service Centre, Sheffield S4

For more information about recycling facilities you can also visit 



Garden Refuse
Green garden refuse sacks can be bought from Direct Services; the price includes both the purchase and their collection when full. You can get them at the reception desk in the old Town Hall and also at Bernard Road. Please ensure that sacks are tied at the top and not too heavy to lift!

Household Refuse and Blue Bin / Box Recycling Service
Sheffield operates an alternate week collection service for your waste and recycling.

Every household has a blue bin and a blue box. How does the service work?

On one week your black bin is emptied and on the following week your blue bin and blue box is emptied.
Click here to check which week your collections will be.

You have the choice as to which blue container you use for your recycling. This means that your glass bottles and jars, plastic bottles and cans can go in either your blue bin or your blue box and your paper and card can go in the other container.

(Black) Wheely Bins: Special arrangements can be made for the dustman to wheel your bin out for collection and return it when emptied. This dispensation is granted only on medical grounds, where there is no-one in the household able to wheel the bin.


Tel: 0845 355 5515



Recycling Facilities

If you haven't (yet) got a blue bin, waste newspaper/magazines and cardboard can be added to your store of glass, plastics and aluminium, all of which can be recycled at Tesco's, Abbeydale Road, and Sainsbury's, Archer Road; also at Somerfield's, Ecclesall Road, and Safeway's, bottom Ecclesall Road. Aluminium is collected from Safeway's at 11am on Thursday mornings.

The most comprehensive facilities are at the Council site at Blackstock Road, Gleadless (see map).

Bulky Rubbish
If you have a car, you can take it to any of five Recycling Centres. The nearest is Blackstock Rd, Gleadless. Sites are open every day from 8 am - 5 pm (October to March) and until 7.30 pm in the summer months. If the rubbish is too bulky (e.g. chairs, beds, fridges) or you don’t have a car, ring 273 4567 and the Council will collect and dispose of it free of charge.

Non-Domestic Rubbish such as building rubble, fixtures & fittings, can also be collected but the Council makes a charge.

Old Cars
If you have a car you no longer want, telephone Direct Services and they will send you a form to complete. When it is returned, they make arrangements to collect the vehicle. Also, please ring 273 4567 if you see a dumped car.

Electrical Waste

Visit for more guidance on how to dispose of electrical items.


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