Street Cleaning

Sheffield Direct Services
The following services are provided in Nether Edge and Sharrow:-

Grass & Hedge Cutting
Street grass verges, grass in Chelsea Park, hedges on jennels and housing estates. Grass verges are cut every 2 weeks at the start of the season and then every 3 weeks to the middle of summer.

Litter Collection & Street Sweeping
Litter picking in streets and outside shops once a week.

Provision & Emptying of Litter Bins
Street litter bins only, emptying once a week around shops.

General Horticultural & Environmental Maintenance
Includes pruning, planting, strimming and spraying, all carried out as needed. Sheffield Direct Services are not responsible for domestic refuse clearance; any work in woodlands; path/wall/equipment maintenance in parks.

Contacts For The Area

Steve Nichols, Barry Grayson:
Tel: 0114 274 9085

For grass cutting in Chelsea Park, contact Jon Barker:
Tel: 0114 274 9085

Street Litter and Hazardous Waste
This number can also be used for problems with street lighting, pothole repairs, winter gritting and gulley grates, as well as the other services listed.
Tel: 0114 273 4567
Charity No: 1139239
Company Limited by Guarantee No: 07414080