Thanks to Viv Lockwood (Banner Cross Neighbourhood Group) for this:

Neighbourhood Watch - another alert
I'm afraid that there is yet another warning from the Neighbourhood Watch people, this time asking residents to look out for a black Ford Focus with a number plate which includes PU51. It is believed to have some connection with thefts from vehicles.
At the same time, there are reports of bogus callers purporting to be from the gas and water companies but actually after gaining entry to houses. The warning is clear - never let anyone into your home unless they show you identification and don't be afraid to keep them outside while you call the companies to check. Make sure that anyone you let inside is always in your sight and NEVER give entry to two people at the same time unless you are absolutely certain of their identity and can trust them.
It's sad to say but Christmas is a bumper time for thieves. Most are opportunist. If your outside doors are unlocked, even while you are at home, a chance thief can be in and out of your house in an instant and only later will you notice that your bags or keys have gone.