Updated 9 December 2022

Waste disposal and recycling

There is detailed information about bins, green bins and garden waste, bulky waste collection and household waste recycling centres on the Sheffield City Council website HERE

There is a separate section on the specialised and potentially hazardous removal of household asbestos waste HERE

These two websites have lots of detailed information and useful tips about recycling:-



How to scrap your car

Did you know that cars have to be recycled too? Autos that cease to be roadworthy must be sent to the scrapyard. 

The ultimate guide to recycling your old car in 2022 -


The comprehensive piece covers:

  • How to scrap a car

  • How to transfer your registration

  • What happens when a scrapped car is recycled

  • How recycled car parts are used

Here are just a handful of the insights we delve into:

  • If you decide to scrap your car, you must take it to an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF). If you fail to notify the DVLA that you’ve done that, you could be fined £1,000.

  • There were 33.8 tonnes of waste generated from commercial and industrial activities in England in 2020. Reusing and recycling car parts and materials stops these from ending up in landfills.

  • The target for end-of-life vehicles is 95% recovery and 85% recycling by the average weight of each ELV. Recovered interior plastics used for garments and tyres used for running tracks, and fabrics used for settees.


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