Local Links

NENG is active in decision making about local policies and activities as a partner with the South Community Assembly. The committee keeps in touch with local agencies such as the Police and Health Authorities and monitors the progress of local planning applications, environmental  and other issues that may have an effect on the area.

In 2011 the Committee met with other interested parties to discuss how we could improve cohesion and community involvement across the area. This is a priority for NENG and will inform our approach to planning activities and events.

The local branch of UKIM, the UK Islamic Mission is one such organisation already hard at work promoting community collaboration, integration and parternship. 

Nether Edge Primary School is our local nursery and primary school providing education. It is a central part of our community and to ensure good links the Head teacher works actively with the NENG committee. School children and their parents are encouraged to take part in the Farmers' Market and other activities, they regularly produce articles for EDGE, our newsletter, and have even taken on the role of guest editors.

Freeman College is part of the Ruskin Mill Trust, it has a number of educational centres in Nether Edge including the Tintagel Site and Brantwood Specialist School. The Trust provide students with a holistic learning experience through arts, crafts, commerce, agriculture, nutrition, living skills and the environment.   The  vision that each individual experiences meaningful relationships with universe, earth and people and has the potential to shape their own future.

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