Join your Local Green Spaces Team!

Did you know that housing located in areas with green spaces and street trees generally demand higher prices and benefit the well-being of residents?

There is now much empirical research to show these effects.

Join our Green Spaces teams working for Nether Edge in Brincliffe Edge Wood, Chelsea Park and Frog Walk Pocket Park.

We should also like to work on new spaces and think about our green street verges. See your copy of the Edge for further details.

NENG is involved with sustainable public green space in Nether Edge at two sites (both council owned):



 Volunteer Mark Doel at Frog Walk Pocket Park  near Psalter Lane Roundabout.  Roads radiate to Hunters’ Bar, Cemetery Road. etc.
Aims – Appropriately selected planting enhances biodiversity and the enjoyment and aesthetic experience of the passers-by as well as upgrading the local area. The design concept is based on the significance of Nether Edge as a green and colourful ‘garden suburb’. Formerly an old, small, neglected rose bed, which later grassed over naturally.
2008 secured legal contract to design, plant & manage the site. In Dec. 2008 NENG volunteers planted the woody plants and bulbs. 2009-2010 perennial planting was undertaken and completed. Some additional Alliums added later.
No site amelioration. Maintenance minimal. NENG members normally carry out  weeding and thinning, once annually in February to April (depending on the season/growth). Volunteers gardening here are always greatly encouraged by passers-by who tell them how much pleasure they get from this very prominent site and its transformation by NENG. Contact Mark Doel at 44 Psalter Lane or if you would ike to join the volunteer group.

(Research Project University of Sheffield, Department of Landscape together with Sheffield City Council.)
Aim – to sustainably enhance, for the benefit of people and wildlife, a weedy grassland (former pasture) in Chelsea Park using no chemical inputs or other amelioration. Maintenance consists of mowing once a year, after which NENG volunteers undertake the raking off of  cuttings. 10 Geranium species and cultivars together with some British natives were added to the existing grass etc.  This work commenced in Jan. 2007 and has gradually spread. By this stage it can be considered very successful and is something for us all to enjoy !

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