Principles for Nether Edge Farmers’ Markets as Agreed by the Farmers’ Market Planning Group

  • To provide an opportunity for local people to buy a wide range of high quality, diverse food.
  • To provide a place where established stallholders, local craftspeople and others can offer their goods for sale.
  • Offers a low cost route for local start-up business to reach many potential customers.
  • Provides a huge boost to community cohesion and identity – a place to ‘meet, greet and eat’.
  • Underlines the reputation of Nether Edge as a busy local shopping area.
  • Helps local shops and cafes to survive and thrive.
  • ‘Think globally, act locally’. Reduces ‘food miles’ and CO2 emissions by only offering products sourced locally, or from no great distance. Most market visitors arrive on foot, which is very rare for any big event.
  • Offers an alternative to the tedium of supermarket shopping.
  • Makes the streets of Nether Edge safer – people are ‘reclaiming the street’.
  • Provides a direct, personal link between producers and consumers.
  • Raises funds for local charities, in turn offering services and opportunities to different parts of the community.
  • Provides a good local day out, for adults and children.
  • Provides good quality free entertainment for the enjoyment of all.
  • Is a crucial part of a thriving local economy, which will probably become more significant in times of economic hardship and rising transport costs.
  • Has set an example which other parts of Sheffield have followed with our support.
  • It’s put Nether Edge on the map!

Guiding principles for choosing which charities to support:

  • Must be as local as possible, and/or benefit people of Nether Edge.
  • Offers services, help or opportunities to local people, according to need.
  • Is not a political or religious organisation.
  • Is of a size that our contribution will be significant and appropriate.
  • Is actually in need of funds.
  • When choosing a charity, we will consider who has been supported previously, and will try to ensure that different sectors of the community benefit, over the course of time.

Main Charities Supported to Date:



Date Charity Monies Given
March 2008 Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice £ 775.70
June 2008 Ruskin Mill Trust for Merlin Theatre £1200
September 2008 Whirlow Hall Farm Trust £1206
December 2009 Homeless & Rootless at Christmas (HARC) £1308
March 2009 Heeley City Farm £1301.50
June 2009 Abbeydale Picture House restoration £1400
September 2009 Lantern Theatre Roof Appeal £1400
December 2009 St Wilfrid’s Centre £1500
March 2010 Three local care charities:
(South West Area Sitting Service; Sheffield Churches Council
for Community Care & Trinity Day Care Trust)
June 2010 Sheffield General Cemetery Trust £1800
September 2010 W.O.R.K.Ltd £1800
December 2010 Roundabout £1800
March 2011 Friends of Porter Valley for Shepherd Wheel restoration £1800
June 2011 Sheffield’s Alzheimer’s Society £1800
Sept. 2011 St Luke’s Hospice £1800
Dec. 2011 NOMAD- Homeless, Advice & Support unit £1800
March 2012 MIND & ASSIST £1800
June 2012 Amy's Retreat £1800
Sept. 2012 Sheffield Carers' Centre £1800
Dec. 2012 Shared between Ben's Centre & Safe at Last £2000
March 2013 Sheffield Hospital Radio £1800
June 2013 Friends of Porter Valley for Forge Dam restoration £1800
Sept. 2013 Sheffield Talking News

Sheffield Royal Society for the Blind

Dec. 2013 Home-start

Teenage Cancer Trust

March 2014 Chelsea Park improvements £2000
June 2014 Friends of Adventure Playground

Sheffield Bi-Polar support group

Sept. 2014 Sheffield Samaritans

St Vincent Furniture Store

Dec 2014 Sheffield Alcohol Support Service £1800
March 2015

Heeley City Farm

Whirlow Hall Farm



June 2015

Sharrow Festival

Nether Edge Festival



Sept 2015

Cavendish Care

Baby Basics



December 2015

St Luke's

Salvation Army




March 2016 ASSIST £ 1800
June 2016


Mums in Need

£ 900


September 2016


Cherry Tree Support Services



December 2016

Sheffield Young Carers

March 2017

Sheffield Family Holiday Fund

December 2017

Disability Sheffield

March 2018

St Lukes




June 2018

Nether Edge Festival

Goldigger Trust



June 2018

Street Pastors

Delphi Trust



  TOTAL To Date: £72,241.20

The regular market Tombola Stall has also raised over £3,000 which has been donated to the social fund of local residential care homes including: Overdale, Prior Bank, Twelve Trees, Kingfield Holt, Grange Crescent and Seven Hills.

Charity No: 1139239
Company Limited by Guarantee No: 07414080