Planning applications

Appeal against refusal of planning permission for the erection of a 20m streetpole with associated cabinets and ancillary works at the Junction of Machon Bank Road with Moncrieffe Road by CK Hutchison Networks (UK) Limited. See proposed site plan and elevation below.

Sheffield City Council refused planning permission for this development last year. The company has lodged an appeal with the Secretary of State’s Planning Inspectorate. You may not have heard about it. There are no signs at the proposed site and fewer than 100 addresses have been sent letters. Plus, the documentation on the Council’s website is not easy to find and takes a lot of reading. A written objection to the Planning Inspectorate must be submitted by 17 October 2023.

Click HERE for a copy of the original refusal letter by Sheffield City Council Planning Department

The detailed council officer report is HERE

All the documents can be found on the Council planning site HERE

There was some support for the original plan on the basis that people thought the mast would provide better phone reception. However, according to the O2 website:-

Our 5G network is a data service only and therefore doesn't impact calls. If you’re connected to 5G and make or receive a call, your phone will automatically switch or 4G or 3G. For better call quality, you should activate Wifi and 4G Calling if your phone supports these features.

Where do I submit an objection?

The objection needs to be submitted to

Where it says “search for a case”, enter 3322775, which will take you to a page “Make Representation on Case APP/J4423/W/23/3322775”

The appeal will only allow objections on the grounds of siting and appearance. Some points to make might be that this proposal:-

  • will ruin the character and ambience of the area

  • will spoil the feel of the area, and radically affect its attractiveness

  • is not appropriate in a conservation area, on a site near many residential houses and flats as well as shops and businesses

  • omits to consider the heritage impact in a conservation area, especially since Article 4 is in place, which restricts a lot of development

  • may threaten the viability of the commemorative maple tree in the seating area

  • will affect access on Machon Bank Road and will obscure views of the incoming bus from the seating area, which is used as a waiting area

  • has not been clear about any public benefit, especially now that the area is covered by fibre broadband

  • has not had effective public consultation, so many residents have not had the opportunity to comment on it, plus the appeal has not been notified beyond a small area

Site plan

Site elevation



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