With thanks to colleagues at Banner Cross Neighbourhood Group for the update:


Baldwin's Omega development
There are now a large number of objections to the development of the Baldwin's Omega proposed development which can be read on the Council's website (planning ref. 17/04741/REM). The group of residents which came together have done a remarkable job to put a case together against the scheme for 52 dwellings on the restaurant site, assisted by the advice of a planning consultant.
As a result of the work they have done to highlight the difficulties of the planned development, the council's Planning Committee will be making a visit to the site. Their visit will inform their discussion at the Planning Committee meeting the following day.
Anyone interested to attend at the site visit is freely able to do so but there are some restrictions that must be observed. The committee members are not allowed to enter into conversations with anyone and must not be petitioned by members of the public but it is in order for contributions to be made to the accompanying officer(s) on matters of fact and technicalities arising from the proposals.
The site visit will be on Monday, 9 April at 10.20am. It will last for 20 minutes after which the committee moves on to view another site. If you are able to attend, please do so.
The following day, Tuesday, 10 April at 2.00pm the Planning Committee will sit to hear the application and to decide on whether it should go ahead. Members of the public are invited to attend this committee held in the Town Hall. Anyone wishing to be there should meet in the reception of the Town Hall (through the main doors onto Pinstone Street) at 1.45pm and wait to be guided up to the main Reception Room. Two speakers from the residents' group will each have 5 minutes to present their case. Again, if you are able to attend this important meeting, please do.