GDPR Spotlight on NENG – What you need to know......

We’re not changing how we use or collect your information. This article (and the privacy policy that we are developing) clearly explains how, why, where and when we store and process your data, reflecting your rights under the GDPR

NENG does not use personal data for unsolicited direct marketing.

We use personal data (name, address, subscription type) to keep you up to date with NENG activities and what is going on in our area through monthly Edge magazine deliveries or email updates. Our electronic subscriber database is held securely and updated after each Edge delivery.

If you interact with one of our sub-groups (eg Farmers’ Market, the History Group, The Friends of Brincliffe Edge Woods, Open Gardens or the Nether Edge Festival), they may also need contact details or other information to keep in touch with you and organise group activities. This data will only be used for the purposes that you have provided it for.

We will only keep data for as long as it is necessary and you will be able to unsubscribe from communications  and/or from our database records on request.

We do not share the information that you have given us with third parties and know that it is important to store it safely.

What do I need to do ?

If you are happy to continue receiving Edge magazines and updates from NENG then you do not need to do anything. Your NENG subdistributor will collect annual subscriptions (£8 or £5 concessions) and deliver your magazine as normal.

How do I find out more?

In accordance with GDPR, we are updating our Privacy Policy, making sure that it provides full details on how we use your data and our legal basis for doing so. The policy will soon be agreed by the new NENG committee (appointed by members at our AGM on 26 April 2018). It will then be displayed on our website and made available on request. Details of how to obtain a copy will be featured in a future edition of EDGE but in the meantime correspondence can be addressed to


Nether Edge Farmers' Market and GDPR

Organisers have issued the following update:

"The protection of private data is important to us. The Farmer’s Market only holds the bare minimum of information that is provided to us by you, our individual stallholders. This comprises the name of your business; the trader’s name, your email address, phone number and post code. We also categorise the type of product you offer (organic veg, street food, jewellery, crafts etc), which we appreciate may change from market to market, and what type of insurance you carry.  A few years ago we also asked for your bank details as well, but we no longer do that and have destroyed all such records. Occasionally we need to ask for your bank details so that we can make a refund, but such detail is not held except by reference to the original email you will have sent us. 

When emailed circulars, such as this are issued, we use the Gmail contacts list that builds up over time and only issue it as a blind copy so that other recipients are not listed. We believe the list is up-to-date, but occasionally people tell us they are no longer trading, so we take them off the contact list. If you don’t want to be contacted again, please tell us. When we issue the list of stall  locations before each market, this is issued as a PDF file, with only the names of other stallholders and their locations for that market. We plan also to build up a photographic record of stalls, to help us with future planning and NENG publicity but trust this would not be considered an intrusion on privacy."

Visit the market's Facebook page to learn more about forthcoming events or get in touch with organisers.