Important news from the Banner Cross Neighbourhood Group:

Parking meters
It's four years since we took up the matter of installing parking meters at Banner Cross on behalf of the big majority of traders who were seeing their trade affected by motorists leaving their vehicles outside the shop parade throughout the unrestricted hours. Many of them were then using the opportunity of free parking to get the bus into town?. Many shopkeepers told us how their trade depended on short visits by customers and had stories to tell of lost customers who finally gave up trying to find a parking space.
We appeared at Committee meetings in the Town Hall to argue the case and always received a positive response. Funding them was certainly an issue for the council but so too was the long drawn-out legal procedure that had to be gone through before a decision could be made, especially in light of the two objections they received.
Finally, the wait is at an end. The decision has been taken and the meters will be installed. There will be a 20 minute period of free parking followed by a charge of 70p per hour. There will be no restrictions placed on timing so motorists could stay there throughout the unrestricted period but the cost would obviously be a deterrent.
We hope that there will now be a boost to trade at Banner Cross. The meters will remain in place permanently but the scheme will be reviewed in 6 months to see whether there will need to be a maximum time limit imposed.