Public Meeting re: new Secondary school
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Public Meeting re the new secondary school on Bannerdale; taking place at Carter Knowle School 6pm tomorrow Wed 17th Jan. [This was postponed from December.]

History Group Update
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Nether Edge History Group : Open Meeting Notes January 3rd 2018. The Union Hotel.


The first meeting of the New Year and an opportunity to reflect on the successes of 2017 and consider the priorities for 2018, an opportunity enthusiastically taken up by the 20 + people who were in attendance.

There were three main aspects to the meeting

                  Review of interests

                  Review of 2017

                  Priorities for 2018.

Review of interests

Each person was invited to outline their particular interests. What was encouraging was the range and commitment of virtually everyone present. People are working on a wide range and type of historical topic. Some generic ( architecture, landscape ), some focused ( production of a follow up to They Lived in Sharrow and Nether Edge, the development of the Cherry Tree Drive estate ), some specific ( Sheffield Parks, the Spring trade in Sheffield).

The review generated a discussion as to how we continue to develop the Group as a support resource for all the excellent work underway. This then fed into the discussion on 2018.

Review of 2017.

The general opinion was that 2017 had been an excellent year and one which continued the steady development of the Group as an active and flourishing enterprise.

Of particular note :

                  The series of walks which continued to attract people

                  The Festival / Heritage talks which have become a popular feature of the calendar.

The publication of ‘Aspects of Nether Edge’ which has sold well and which has elicited very favourable reviews.

The continuing exercise in collecting memories of those living in Nether Edge, with a reviews of 2017 contributions due out soon.

Ambitions for 2018.

It was agreed that we should be building on the rude health of the Group by continuing the successful activities of 2017 listed above, and considering possible new initiatives for the coming year.

A brainstorming session threw up a number of  ideas :

Organising a process whereby photographs are taken of threatened buildings in NE so that a historical record exists in the event of them disappearing.

The organisation of our fledgeling archives into a structured and categorised record which could then be developed further

A programme of talks either general, or specific.

A series of instructional sessions on ‘How to do Local History’

The placement of Historical Plaques in the area.

A project on ‘The Women of NE’ given the centenary of women’s suffrage in the UK

Establishing contact with local historians in Sharrow.

The key question here of course is how to find people who are able to help with these .

The good news is that we already have some volunteers for these new projects :

                  Roy Pilkington has agreed to lead the Archives Project.

                  Richard Taylor the organisation of a Local History Symposium

                  Kay Phillips and John Austin Historical Plaques.

In addition Richard has volunteered to organise a session to further explore other Project ideas and identify people who might want to get involved. Arrangements will be circulated when decided.


One of the functions of the Group is to put people in touch with others who might be able help with research interests.

We have 2 requests this time :

  • John Austin is looking for information on the Sheffield Spring trade
  • Nick Waite is looking for information on Mary Wally Tyzack, spinster, who lived at 7, Williamson Road before and after the war, and who was active in Girl Guides and St Andrews Church. Anyone remember her ?

Next Meeting

Thursday March 1st 6.00 The Union Hotel




Psalter Lane Traffic meeting
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Psalter Lane Action Group for Safer Traffic  

Public Meeting in St Andrew's Psalter Lane Church, 15 Jan 7.30 pm

Are the issues common to other roads in the area ? All are welcome


Charity carol signing
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Congratulations to everyone who made it to the Community Carol Signing on 15 December. 

An enjoyable evening by all accounts, the carols were also being sung in aid of two charities. The singers raised £112 for the Rohingya crisis (and £40 for Weston Park hospital). Supplemented by £28 Gift Aid, that makes a grand total of £180 raised by the evening's activities. 

Perfect Nether Edge Christmas Present!
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We bring you news of Aspects of Nether Edge, the new book written by members of the History Group and available before Christmas for only £11.95.  

The ideal Christmas gift for all your friends and relations!  

Advance orders to

Cover of the forthcoming book from Nether Edge History Group
Fraudulent sales
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There is some door-knocking going on at the moment with callers saying they can save householders money on their gas and electricity bills. They purport to come from a company called 'Moneysaver'. Door to door selling by the energy companies was outlawed some years ago but this appears to be of a different kind. The warning is not to have anything to do with it. If you feel intimidated or coerced in any way or believe it to be a con call 101.


Thanks to the Banner Cross Neighbourhood Group for this useful Neighbourhood Watch alert

Banner Cross Parking
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Important news from the Banner Cross Neighbourhood Group:

Parking meters
It's four years since we took up the matter of installing parking meters at Banner Cross on behalf of the big majority of traders who were seeing their trade affected by motorists leaving their vehicles outside the shop parade throughout the unrestricted hours. Many of them were then using the opportunity of free parking to get the bus into town?. Many shopkeepers told us how their trade depended on short visits by customers and had stories to tell of lost customers who finally gave up trying to find a parking space.
We appeared at Committee meetings in the Town Hall to argue the case and always received a positive response. Funding them was certainly an issue for the council but so too was the long drawn-out legal procedure that had to be gone through before a decision could be made, especially in light of the two objections they received.
Finally, the wait is at an end. The decision has been taken and the meters will be installed. There will be a 20 minute period of free parking followed by a charge of 70p per hour. There will be no restrictions placed on timing so motorists could stay there throughout the unrestricted period but the cost would obviously be a deterrent.
We hope that there will now be a boost to trade at Banner Cross. The meters will remain in place permanently but the scheme will be reviewed in 6 months to see whether there will need to be a maximum time limit imposed.
Update from Friends of Brincliffe Edge Woods
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At the penultimate work morning this year we had a big push on the clearance of Needham’s Field under the careful guidance of the SCC Ranger. We also plated a holly and a rowan kindly supplied by Marian Tylecote who also gave us primrose, lily of the valley and a woodland geranium to plant. The November work morning will be on Wednesday November 15th after which we shut down until next February.

Bannerdale School Site
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Bannerdale School site
Most people anywhere near Carter Knowle Road will already be well aware that work has started to prepare the site for the new school. Piles are being driven into the ground in the area which was formerly a waste tip on top of which a solid platform will be constructed to act as the base for the new school. 
There is still some anxiety about the release of gases from the site once the building is completed although assurances have been given that these have been addressed. 
Our friends in the Carter Knowle & Millhouses Community Group are keeping the closest eye on this development. If you have any observations or comments or questions about it, please contact them directly by emailing the Secretary, Mike Hodson, on:
To see how extensive the works are a video has been put online showing aerial views of the site. It can be found at:
The password is: Bann3R321.
Farmers' Market Message
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NETHER EDGE FARMERS’ MARKET : Sunday 17th September 2017, 12 noon – 4pm 

Our Autumn Festival Market is raising money for: 

Sheffield Parent Carer Forum and Sheffield Carer’s Centre 


ENTERTAINMENT PROGRAMME (*subject to change) 

*Salvation Army Band *Sheffield Harmony *Endcliffe Brass 

*The Ad Hoc Quintet *Ellesmere Musical Theatre Company 



Nether Edge Rd & Glen Rd will be closed to traffic from 9am - 5pm. Please avoid parking on these roads. 

For traders, we will be operating a one-way system before and after the market. 

The kind support of local residents has helped us raise much needed money for local charities. 




· Thank all volunteers, traders, entertainers, visitors & local residents who help make the market such a success. 

· Encourage more people to join our Market Committee. There is much to do and only a very small team to do it. · You can help us in many ways with an hour or so of your time. Contact David 281 9414 or email 



Sunday 3rd December 2017 11am - 3pm (N.B. Earlier start and finish times) 

To book a stall at December’s market, please email or tel. Deni 07874 198696 We couldn’t do it without your support – Thank You!

Charity No: 1139239
Company Limited by Guarantee No: 07414080