With much thanks to the Carterknowle and Millhouses residents group...

"You really don't need to put a name to the bird to enjoy its song, but most people recognise some birds' songs and usually wish they could know what they've heard. Well, Mark Avery can help you a bit with that because in this time of lockdown he has been writing a series of blogs about bird song: what particular birds sound like and bits and pieces of science, literature and personal stories thrown in. There are 20 short blogs on bird song so far and they lead you through some of our commoner songsters, and tell you something about them. At this time of year, more and more bird species are arriving back with us from their wintering grounds in Africa and he will be writing about them over the next few weeks too.

Here are links to the first 20 published blog posts. See https://markavery.info/blog/

  1. Introduction

  2. Great Tits

  3. Song Thrush

  4. Songs and calls

  5. Dunnock

  6. Blackbird

  7. More on Great Tits

  8. Chiffchaff

  9. Even more on Great Tits

  10. Yet more on Great Tits

  11. Robin

  12. Great Tits again

  13. Greenfinch

  14. Chaffinch

  15. Wren

  16. Skylark

  17. Blackcap

  18. Sonagrams

  19. Willow Warbler

  20. Cuckoo

This series of blog posts is illustrated with Tim Melling's photographs and the sounds come from the xeno-canto website.