Explore 'Victorian Open Spaces'
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Monday 6th May, 2pm - 4pm

Nether Edge History Group are leading a guided walk exploring 'Victorian Open Spaces' as part of the 2019 Sheffield Environment Week,

The Walk is suitable for all ages and everyone is welcome.

Meet at No. 3 bus terminus on Union Rd and finish in the grounds of Kenwood Hotel on Kenwood Rd. Please dress suitably for the weather and a relaxed walk.

 Contact Chris Venables for further details on 07950 432487 or click HERE to visit for further details of this and other 2019 Sheffield Environment Weeks events

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Company limited by guarantee no. 741080, charity no. 1139239


To be held on Thursday 9th May at the

Nether Edge Bowling Club

Nether Edge Road at 7.00 pm


7.00 pm Arrivals and welcome

7.30 pm Business including:

Minutes of the last AGM held on 26th April 2018

Chairman's Report

Treasurer's Report

Group Reports

*Elec????on of officers, trustees and commi???? ee members


8.30 pm Formal business concludes
followed by a presenta????on by Eileen Jones-Hill from the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme and informal gathering at the bar.

*Nomina????ons for officers (Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer) should be sent to Howard Fry, NENG Secretary at nengsec@gmail.com.
All nomina????ons must include the names of a proposer and seconder and be accompanied by the nominee's declara????on of their willingness to serve.
Please do come to our AGM. It will be a relaxed and friendly affair, subject to the minimum of formality.

We want to hear your opinions about our work and sufficient a???? endance is essen????al to give NENG the authority to con????nue its successful ac????vi????es.

Chairman's Report

Looking back at my report for last year's AGM I am struck by its partly dismal tone. The ba???? le (not too strong a word in view of the events through that freezing winter) was con????nuing and our special environment remained under threat. Echoing the good news about NENG however, there was a chink of light, a hesitant op????mism that things were about to change. Now, it has been twelve months since a tree was unnecessarily felled in Nether Edge and by contrast, following the discussions between both sides, many of the previously condemned trees are being saved by applying simple solu????ons to kerb lines and removing tonnes of excessive tarmac. This is excellent news to start the new NENG year.

NENG itself is in very good condi????on as we reach the end of what in some ways has been a difficult period. The loss of our treasurer caused us difficul????es which have been overcome by the willingness of David O'Connell to assume the role for the ????me being. Our secretary and our former treasurer Elaine have done prodigious amounts of work to ensure an effec????ve transi????on. The recent appointment of Magdi Adam as our new bookkeeper will ease the burden in the coming year.

Those looking at NENG and its ac????vi????es from outside the organisa????on should be very impressed. The reports of our groups in this copy of EDGE clearly demonstrate the extent and value to the community of what is being done. All those responsible for the work deserve support and congratula????ons. On the other hand it has been suggested that there are many outside NENG who are not aware of the extent of our work or that the variety of successful ac????vi????es, from the market to the history group, from the Friends of Brincliffe Woods to the fes????val and more, are all a part of NENG. Perhaps we need to blow our own trumpet more. And this is the kind of ques????on being discussed by our recently set up 'vision group'. They were set the task of considering and making recommenda????ons about whether NENG needs to change and if so in what ways. What is good and bad about what we do and the ways we do it? What should a neighbourhood group be doing? What is possible, what is not?

There are many ques????ons to add to that list and we hope to find the answers to some of them in the year ahead.

David Pierce

Sheaf & Porter Rivers Trust Launch talk
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Journey underneath the world’s cities in this fascinating documentary that examines the hidden waterways that run beneath our feet. Then find out more about the latest action for Sheffield’s own hidden waterways.

Lost Rivers + Sheaf & Porter Rivers Trust Launch Talk 12A

Wednesday 15th May, 6.30pm at the Showroom Cinema

Nearly every major city was built around rivers. As cities grew with the Industrial Revolution, these rivers became conduits for disease and pollution. The 19th-century solution was to bury them underground and merge them with the sewer systems. These rivers still run through today's metropolises, but they do so out of sight in mysterious and sometimes amazing spaces.

As climate changes forces us to reconsider the relationship between the built environment and our natural resources, Lost Riversbrings to life an aspect of urban water management and ecology that has long been kept secret. The film examines hidden waterways in cities around the world and introduces us to the people dedicated to exploring and restoring them.

This screening will feature an introduction from Simon Ogden (Chair of the Sheffield Waterways Strategy Group) and the launch of the new Sheaf and Porter Rivers Trust, whose vision is to help Sheffield rediscover and regenerate its own urban rivers.

For more information about The Sheaf and Porter Trust, please visit: https://rbingham52.wixsite.com/shish2

Open Studios
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Open Up Sheffield 2019

Free event !

Saturday 4th, Sunday 5th, Monday 6th, Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th May

Now in its 21st year, Open Up Sheffield is a well established annual open studio event, where artists and craftspeople welcome the public into their work spaces.

These vary from private homes to mixed studio complexes, across Sheffield and surrounding areas. Open Up Sheffield gives the public an opportunity to see work in progress, ask questions about materials and processes, make a purchase, or commission a bespoke piece of artwork.

Plenty of artists in and around Nether Edge and Sharrow are opening up their studioes and inviting you to see their work  Visit www.openupsheffield.co.uk to see what there is close to you....

Sketching Spectacle
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The Sketching Spectacle !

The Samuel Worth Chapel (Sheffield General Cemetery) Wednesday 17th April, 7pm - 9.30pm

The Sketching Spectacle offers sktchers, scribblers and all lovers of art the opportunity to draw models in a range of themed scenes.

£10 on the door for this 2 hour event, refreshments available.

Please bring your own sktch pad and art materials 

Visit the Sketching Spectacle on Facebook for more information

Easter Services (St Andrew's Psalter Lane)
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Easter Services at StAndrew’s Psalter Lane Church

Wednesday 17th 7.00 p.m. Taizé prayer for Holy Week at SAPLC
Maundy Thursday 18th 7.00 p.m. at St Augustine’s, Brocco Bank, a joint service which replicates the Last Supper. There will be a simple meal of soup, bread and cheese. Woven in with the meal are Bible readings, a short address and the passing of bread and wine. This will be followed by a period of quiet reflection.
Friday 19th 12.00 p.m. - 3.00 p.m. a Good Friday Vigil at SAPLC. This is a service of quiet meditation on the Gospel of John with music, words and silence. It will include Taizé chants led by Tim Jansen.
Sunday 21st 10.30 a.m. Easter Day Holy Communion.
Sharrow Experiment Launch
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Sharrow Experiment puts ‘learning by example’ to the test

Launch: 10am Sunday 14 April, junction of Wolstenholm Rd and Sharrow Lane

Contact: Jack Massey 07710 277976


Sponges, brushes and the determination to make a difference will be on show in Sharrow at 10 am on 14April. In a community bid to combat a blight on the local environment, the six-month Sharrow Experiment will support local businesses and test the power of ‘learning by example’.

Supported financially by the Nether Edge Neighbourhood Group (NENG), the Sharrow Experimentsupports shops and businesses at the junction of Wolstenholm Rd and Sharrow Lane. The area is plagued by unsightly spray-painted ‘tags’ and doodles and the project will support and equip local businesses to fight back by cleaning up walls, blinds and street furniture and reacting quickly if and when new marks appear. 


The six-month project is the brain child of longstanding local, Jack Massey who has been visiting the eleven businesses offering support and encouraging them to work together to clean-up the area. After cleaning up and repainting where needed, the project is providing the paint, brushes and cleaning equipment that can be used to immediately remove fresh graffiti, hopefully discouraging future vandalism and perhaps offering a model for other areas. 


Jack explains: 

‘We’ve got some amazing street art around Sheffield. Work by people like Kid Acne and Phlegm are brilliant, but random ‘tags’ like these ones send a signal that the neighbourhood is not cared for. It encourages litter and vandalism, and undermines local shops’ hard work. We are all like monkeys who can learn by copying the world around us. A clean and cared-for environment is a great positive model for everyone. I really hope that this project can make a difference.’ 

Mrs Roxana Munshi of Sharrow Pharmacy is looking forward to the clean up and says ‘I think it's a brilliant idea. I hope it succeeds.’


Notes to Editors: 

· Nether Edge Neighbourhood Group (NENG) was set up in 1973. Volunteers coordinate events like Nether Edge Farmers' Market and the annual Nether Edge Festival and organise active groups including the Nether Edge History Group and Friends of Brincliffe Edge Woods. www.netheredge.org.uk 


Rooms for hire at Common Ground
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Easter activities- Woodland Ninja
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Guitar concert
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Join the Brink Cohousing Community on Friday 29th March (7.30pm  til 10.30pm)for 'an evening of stellar acoustic guitar playing by Nick Jonah Davis, a formidable guitarist in the tradition of Bert Jansch and Nick Drake, (and songs from Burnt Paw)
Tickets are free but need to be reserved in advance using this link to eventbrite.

On the Brink Cohousing Community

Brincliffe House 

90 Osborne Rd. 


S11 9BB

Charity No: 1139239
Company Limited by Guarantee No: 07414080