Since May 2015 controversy about tree felling in Sheffield has been making local and national headlines. The tree felling is part of Streets Ahead, a five-year project being carried out by contractors Amey as part of  Sheffield City Council's £2bn road improvement works.

The future of specific trees in Nether Edge has been a high profile issue here since Autumn 2015 when NENG issued the following statement and used November's Edge magazine to invite views from locals:

"The Nether Edge Neighbourhood Group is extremely disturbed by the policies and plans of the Sheffield Council and its contractor, Amey, which appear to endanger many of the trees that give Nether Edge the beautiful and healthy environment it is known for. NENG recognises that, in some cases, trees may necessarily have to be removed.  However, especially because much of our area is a recognised conservation area, we strongly support the view that no tree should be felled without thorough and transparent prior consultation which allows for alternative solutions to be considered and discussed. We are very concerned that the criteria used to determine the felling policy may be too narrow, with alternative solutions being dismissed and leading to the felling of trees which could be retained." 

NENG's subsequent position was explained in correspondence with local councillors and MPs, after protestors won a temporary injunction halting tree-felling in February 2016, "The Nether Edge Neighbourhood group is growing increasingly concerned about the developing trees controversy within the City and particularly our local area. The current threat to our environment exceeds anything we have previously encountered. We have expressed our support for the Savenetheredgetrees campaign and STAG. At present there is a cessation of tree-felling as a result of the recent High Court injunction. We believe that all parties should welcome this as an opportunity to engage in thorough, honest and professional consultation to seek a resolution of the problems."

The injunction has since been lifted and NENG aims to keep local residents up to date with developments while aiming to ensure that views on all sides of the debate are communicated through EDGE magazine and

For more information and links visit:

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