"Thank you to the Friends of Brincliffe Edge Wood for all your hard work, passion and commitment to the woodland.  As all residents and visitors to Sheffield benefit from our collective green heritage, your efforts in your local green space can be enjoyed by everyone in the City"


Karen Lewis 
Community Partnerships Manager
Sheffield City Council
Parks and Countryside Service
January 2016


Join us for our Woodland Walk on July 12th Click here for more details or see our leaflet in the events pages.

Dear Supporter/Volunteer,

Sometimes we finish a session in the Wood and there doesn’t seem to be much that’s changed. Yesterday’s Ranger Day (May 14th) was quite different and we ended up with new plants  (ramsons, woodruff, wood sage and red campion), areas cleared of selected ash & beech seedlings, litter picking, the tidying up of broken branches across the paths and a sturdy fence at the top entrance. Thanks to all who gave their morning to make these things happen.

The next Ranger Day is on June 11th.  We always meet at the “top” entrance i.e. next to 245 Brincliffe Edge Road at 9.30. We are finished by lunchtime. Anyone interested should just turn up with suitable clothing and footwear and they will be able to select a task and get stuck in.

There will be those who are frustrated that they can’t make a weekday and we will try to address this with some weekend sessions as there is plenty to do especially with the weather encouraging such strong growth.

Meanwhile, enjoy the Wood.

Ken Phillip

Dear Supporter/Volunteer,

Here is an update on the Brincliffe Edge Wood project. Apart from steering group meetings there have been walks in the Wood to carry out more detailed “surveying” so that we can accurately identify areas where we propose carrying out work. In line with our views on maintaining the biodiversity of the Wood we want to preserve bramble habitats for birds, particularly those summer migrants, and for invertebrates. We have identified some areas of the pathways which would benefit from work to improve safety. There has been some bulb planting which will soon begin to show rewards and people have come forward to help with nursing wildflower plug plants that will be planted in the Autumn thanks to a grant from the Nether Edge Neighbourhood Group. There is growing interest in the area identified as an old Victorian garden so there are possibilities here for history research and restoration.

There is the need for a new, or revamped, information board and the sites for two new benches have been identified so proposals for these will go forward to Sheffield City Council. The boundary of the Wood with the allotments requires attention to improve the barriers either through planting or improvement of the fencing. Some areas behind the wall bordering Brincliffe Edge Road are full of tipped garden waste which will be removed and litter picking will continue so that the Wood is seen to be cared for. There is a need for litter bins but we anticipate an issue over Council collections from these.

An action plan is emerging and until we have a clearer picture we have asked for the Ranger days to be put on hold until the Spring. We have identified some "significant trees” and will put these forward to Sheffield City Council as a part of the green spaces awareness strategy. These trees could be incorporated into the Sheffield Round Walk which passes through the Wood. Although animal habitats have already been created from the cut and collected brush we could also involve local children, through schools or youth groups, to design and build a “bug hotel”.

We have joined the Sheffield Green Spaces Forum and will send a representative to Forum meetings where we share ideas and difficulties and evolve mutual support. There is a Sheffield Green Spaces website on which our activities will appear.

Last year the idea of an Events Day in 2014 was tentatively proposed. This would aim to involve local people in a greater awareness of the Wood and its potential. No firm format or date has yet been decided but ideas for how this might best be achieved are invited.

The work already done by volunteers is vital and we thank you for your continuing support for this exciting local project


November 2013: Brincliffe Edge Road entrance area cleared

A big thank you to everyone who has shown an interest in the work of the Friends Of Brincliffe Edge Wood and to those who have helped as volunteers. We had the third of our work days, in collaboration with the Sheffield City Council Ranger Service, on Monday 16th December. Despite unpleasant weather there was an excellent turn out and we got to grips with more tidying of cut and loose material, the establishment of log piles for habitat areas, and the inevitable litter pick.

The steering group will meet again on 12th January and we will be able to take stock of our first few months as an active body under the aegis of the Nether Edge Neighbourhood Group. We will be considering the best way forward to enhance the Wood while keeping its character and encouraging access through the establishment of an action plan. Sheffield City Council will continue to support activities through the Ranger Service so more work days will be planned with the occasional weekend work day possible. We will be looking at the siting for two benches, thinking about an Activity Day in 2014, deciding on the best way to help young people become more familiar with the Wood and appreciate its natural features & continuing to survey the boundaries of the area. Having planted 600 bulbs we will look at how to extend this planting in a sensitive way.

Sheffield City Council has launched an initiative to identify the City's Significant Trees with a view to establishing a walk, or series of walks, in order to appreciate what we have in our parks and woodland. We have made a start on our response to this initiative with a number of fine oaks and an ancient hornbeam being identified. A knowledge of the history of the Wood is also an essential part  of its stewardship and we will be encouraging further work on this.

If you have any questions, comments or observations then please pass these on to me. Meanwhile, have a relaxing holiday break: and enjoy a walk in the woods.

Ken Phillip

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